NOTHING BUT DUST AND STARS – BORDERLANDS meets INDIANA JONES. Seventeen-year-old Monti chases rumors of lost cities scattered across her desert world and the riches they contain. Finding the cities means she’ll be set for life, but failing means she’ll have to go back home and face some old acquaintances who want her dead.


WORTHLESS – A reformed thief whose magic lets him know the value of things helps the FBI hunt his best friend’s killer, but he unwittingly falls for an art forger who becomes their best murder suspect.

INORGANIC MAGIC – Two kids accidentally bring magic back to the modern world, and a necromancer along with it, plunging the world into chaos. Ten years later, they and a team of magically gifted crooks are blackmailed into stealing something from the necromancer, who’s become the most powerful and dangerous man in the world.

RED SHIFT – Oregon Trail in space! A vampire cons his way onto a spaceship’s crew and heads to a frontier world to stake a claim, but his dreams of carefree adventure implode when a corrupt marshal seizes control of the planet.


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