What the heck is it about? All the existing summaries are inexplicably dense, so I’ll try to sum if up for you guys:

Imagine vaguely medieval vaguely European societies. Now imagine they all live in a tropical Paradise where going hungry is a rarity. Now, and this is the important bit, imagine there are dinosaurs all over the place. Imagine knights on dinosaurs and herds of slow, fat dinosaurs raised for meat. Imaging packs of roaming raptors harrying armies as they march. Imagine a t-rex being used as royal executioner.

Don’t bother imagining characters or a plot. The author did that for you. Just pick up the book and get to it.

My rating: 5/5 stars

Putting dinosaurs in a narrative is cheating, really, but for me, the rest of the book backs it up. My only warning about this book is this: if you don’t like high fantasy (think GAME OF THRONES or LORD OF THE RINGS, anything with lots of dense description and more countries than you can easily keep track of without a map) then you won’t like this book. Period. If you hate high fantasy but want to read about dinosaurs, there’s other books out there for you.

But if you’re down for high fantasy and dinosaurs, oh boy, it’s Christmas. I loved this book. For me, it’s got it all–interesting characters (including ones who are queer and/or POC!), DINOSAURS, women who love and support each other, wanton death and violence, ferrets, MORE DINOSAURS, and the kind of intricate plot that will hopefully pull all the various characters together in later books.

The world-building is phenomenal. Milán integrates dinosaurs into the daily life of Paradise with a level of detail I didn’t expect. And he writes the dinosaurs not as mindless killing machines, but as predator or prey animals with realistic behavioral patterns.

I don’t know about you, but I’m really looking forward to the rest of this series.


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